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DLC Telecom-Net is a company that starts the business in IT&C market from 2012. The company has three years of profit. Our company start as Business Development Management Company, offering the services to different companies that would like to grow a certain sector of IT&C business units. We did new technology projects with all biggest operators from Romania and municipalities. We also achieved leading partnership of most of leading technology vendors.

As a young company move also his profile to develop his own business starting with partnership with most of technology leading vendors, IT&C Integrators or Distributors and with different operators.

We are leading new projects project in state of the art technology products, we call them „Beyond Technology” products. In the small currently team we have more than 80 technology and products certifications taken in a lot of the countries around the globe, from Asia to North America, and certification in Business Administration and Project Based Management.

Our Vision is: Help customers to make fast profit and cost savings together with us.

Our Mission: „In the future, ideas will be real scarse inputs in the world- scarcer than both labor and capital-and the few who provide good ideas will reap huge rewards”- Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee, and Michael Spence – Foreign Affairs

Our Values in Doing Business:

Not to do wrong in buying or selling

Not to make a loan on interest

Not to borrow on interest (because this would cause the lender problems)

Not to take part in any usurious transaction between seller and buyer, neither as a surety, nor as a witness, nor as a writer of the bond for them

To sell to a poor person on a good price

Not to demand from a poor repayment of his debt, when the creditor knows that he cannot pay, nor press him

Not to exact a pledge from a debtor by force

Not to keep the pledge from its owner at the time when he needs it

To return a pledge to its owner

Not to commit fraud in selling or buying

To ensure that scales and weights are correct

Not to possess inaccurate measures and weights


We have references in main biggest operators in Romania:

1.     Arcsight Solution SIEM

2.     Nagios Monitoring Tool

3.     CyberArk – JumpHost

4.     F5 Networks – Load Balacing and Firewall for IPTV

5.     F5 Networks Support

6.     Support Services for Oracle, HP and EMC

7.     BlueCoat – Proxy and Webfiltering

8.     Radware Load Balancing Support – Alteon Products

9.     Perle Systems Out of Band Management

10. Wifi implementation- Cisco

11. CPE’s wifi routers- for CATV Internet- Zyxel

12. Access Network Switches – Zyxel

13. F5 Networks WAF
Share Holder: Laurentiu Stefan Dragnea
Employees: 4
CV- Laurentiu Stefan Dragnea

Laurentiu Stefan Dragnea

Aleea Faurei Nr.2, Vila.13, Ap.16 • Sc.B, Et.1, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

+40740055955 • laurentiu.dragnea@dlc-telecom.net



Innovative, analytical and solution-driven network engineering leader with over 15 years of frontline experience that includes successfully building a major mobile network over a layered architecture network and coordinating technical design of an IPv6 programme across a 10-country region. Track record effectively managing design and implementation of data networks and implementing new concepts and cutting edge technologies. Possess strong management skills and ability to lead large technical teams to consistently outperform project expectations. Leverage deep experience across diverse hardware technologies including F5, Huawei, Alcatel, Cisco, Juniper, ByteMobile, Nokia-Siemens, Ericsson, HP, H3C, NMS, RAD, and ECI.


Core Competencies:

Solution Design • Network Development Planning • Project Management• Network O&M • Technical Sales•Team Leadership & Coaching • Process Enhancement • Issue Analysis & Resolution • Feasibility Studies • RFI’s, RFP’s & RFQ’s • Contract Negotiations • Competitive Analysis




INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY, Bucharest, Romania • 2012-Present
Harvard Business Review Advisory Council- Advisor • 2014-Present


General Manager DLC Telecom-Net • 2012- Present

Provide consultancy services, selling products and services to clients in the IT/Telecom industry. Identify and generate client leads and present cutting edge solutions, products and technologies. Run the business of Systems Integrator DLC Telecom-Net. Implemented projects revenues- 2.2 mil Eur


Cosmote RMT, Bucharest • 2006-2012

A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Company and a leader in the Romanian mobile telecommunication industry.


Head of Data Network Design Office

Led team of 10 personnel in the design and implementation of the Cosmote data network, packet switched 2G and 3G network, and the security & services network. Devised the 3-5 year network development plan, created data forecasts, and prepared RFI’s, RFP’s, and RFQ’s. Provided advice on commercial and technical contracts. Negotiated interconnection plans with other operators. Interfaced closely with other departments to define data network requirements and integration with the mobile network. Performed competitive analysis and prepared feasibility studies and business cases for new projects. Worked closely with S&S division and vendors to address technical issues. Developed and implemented optimised office procedures.


·         Designed IPv6 solution and coordinated implementation across 10 countries in the DT CEE region as technical project manager.

·         Designed/implemented Cosmote data networks from scratch resulting in savings of €2M.

·         Initiated and led over 100 design projects generating more than €50M per year.

·         Devised solution for transporting FR Gb interface over IP accomplishing yearly savings of over €1.8M.

·         Delivered savings of €30M per year through design of Transmission Topology for Cosmote MPLS Network.

·         Generated yearly income of €15M since 2006 through 2 new design concepts.

·         Developed feasibility study, design and architecture for successful integration of Cosmote and Romtelecom.

·         Initiated and coordinated design and implementation of a layered architecture solution for Cosmote network.

·         Coordinate for three consecutive years O&M of Cosmote Data Networks


Technological & Technical Consulting, Bucharest • 2004-2006


General Manager / Owner

Built a company from the ground up that provided consulting services to clients in the telecommunications industry. Oversaw all aspects of the successful sale of the company.


Omnilogic BGS, Bucharest • 2004-2005

A sales, distribution and consulting leader in the Romanian IT&C market.


Account Manager

Oversaw diverse accounts in the banking sector and with large operators. Generated new business opportunities with existing clients and ensured optimum service for existing customer contracts. Identified, initiated and secured new business opportunities with new customers. Performed bid management and project management activities. Defined commercial and technical contracts and negotiated contracts with new providers. Implemented and worked with Oracle programme for financial documents and follow up of cash-flow and desk. Developed network deployment plan, analysed technical issues, and conducted competitive analysis.


·         Generated sales of $5.5M.

·         Secured largest contract in banking sector based on personally developed concept related to GPRS VPN which was launched for first time in Romania in partnership with Vodafone.


Siemens, Bucharest • 1998-2004

Global leader among IT&C companies focused on sales, distribution and consulting services.


Solutions Manager

Directed all aspects of the Applications & IP Solutions department. Provided technical and sales assistance to carrier networks, enterprise networks, and mobile networks business units. Developed planning and design solutions for clients and managed diverse technical projects. Drove new business initiatives and oversaw marketing of new and existing products. Prepared technical and commercial bid documents and provided in-depth bid management.


·         Led design and preparation of implementation documentation for Romtelecom and Orange related to the first data network in Romania generating sales of €15M.

·         Authored and published 2 papers promoting Siemens products in Siemens Reviews.

·         Developed design, solution, and bid documents for sale of 20 PBX worth €2M.

·         Played key role in developing solution and network planning covering virtually all telecommunication technologies for €2B police border project won by Siemens in Romania.

·         Assisted Orange and Vodafone in preparation of the RFQ for first ATM/MPLS networks and developed the commercial and technical offer.

·         Designed first-to-market PABX IP Distributed Architecture project for Porsche Romania.

·         Designed and prepared implementation documents and managed project for a Romtelecom xDSL and voice services access solution for 60,000 subscribers.

·         Modified ONU equipment hardware for network management valued at €5M.

·         Developed a configuration tool that reduced time for preparation of documents by 90%.


National Institute for Research and Development of Microtechnology, Bucharest • 1995-1998


Scientific Researcher

Performed optical signal processing research with a focus on new electromagnetic theory for diffraction gratings and new cost-effective technologies.


·         Pioneered design for first ever DWDM Multiplexor in Romania.

·         Authored and published 6 papers in international publications and achieved acceptance to NASA library.


Automation Institute, Bucharest • 1994-1996


Project Engineer

Performed optical and electronics research concentrated on identifying an optoelectronic integrated device to compare signals with very low tolerances.


·         Designed and implemented Romania’s first optoelectronic sensor for a process refractrometer sold to wine producers to measure sugar quantities in liquids.


Polytechnic University, Bucharest • 1994-1998


Associate Assistant

Coordinated and developed materials for numerous diploma projects based on personally developed subject ideas that enabled students to attend international programmes in Europe.




Master’s Degree in Project-Based Business Management, 2010

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


Master’s Degree in Optoelectronics, 2010

Electronics Engineering Degree

Polytechnic University, Bucharest



(full list available on request)


Juniper Networks Certification - Operating Juniper Networks Routers in Enterprise

Cisco Systems Certification - Cisco ISC 5.0 / Traffic Engineering

Cisco Systems Certification - Designing Cisco Network Architectures (ARCH)

Juniper Networks Certification - Junos for Security Platforms

Siemens - Professional training for ICN IB Products and Solutions

Siemens - Description, Implementation and Applications for Hicom 150 E Office

HCDP-BCRN / HCDP-BCAN / HCDP-BITN - Huawei Certified Datacom Professional

Certification: Specialist SIMUX Installation Local O&M & Advanced System O&M

Cisco Systems Certification - Cisco ANA, XR 12000 Series Essential, XR Software

Cisco Systems Certification - Securing Cisco Network Devices

Cisco Systems Certification - Implementing Cisco QoS

Juniper Networks Certification - Juniper Network Routers in Enterprise

Cisco Systems Certification Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers

GSM Mobile Softswitch Solution Ericsson

Mobile Packet Backbone Networks Concepts

Project Management Skills

Cisco Systems Certification - Implementing Cisco MPLS

Cisco Systems Certification - Implementing Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering

Cisco Systems Certification - MPLS Expert Workshop





First Place in Siemens Top Plus for Innovative Ideas in Business Communication




Fluent in English and Romanian, proficient in French




Hardware: F5, Huawei, Alcatel, Cisco Juniper, ByteMobile, Nokia-Siemens, Ericsson, HP, H3C, NMS, RAD, ECI, Flash Networks Products

Software: MS Office, Adobe Suite, Linux, Cisco IOS XR, Cisco IOS, Juniper Junos, Huawei VRP


PUBLICATIONS - 12 papers- (full list available on request)

Electromagnetic theory of concave blazed diffraction grating efficiencies- NASA/Harvard Library